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You may wonder what a dental laboratory is, and how it fits into your treatment.

We are your dentist’s partners and together we are making sure you enjoy the best possible oral health. When you and your dentist decide that a tooth needs to be restored, replaced or protected. A mould of your mouth is taken and sent to us. At the laboratory we make a model of your teeth and fabricate a cap, bridge, denture or implant-supported restoration according to your dentist’s instructions.

That’s what a dental lab does, and LHM does it best.

Do you want the kind of brilliant, natural smile that a movie star would be proud to flash at a camera? Or simply to restore stained, chipped or missing teeth to a healthy smile again? We can offer you metal-free caps or bridges made of new materials like ZirKon, designed and created with state of the art computer technology and digital colour-mapping.

Are you tired of dentures that slip and make speaking or eating awkward? Do unsightly metal hooks showing on your front teeth embarrass you? At LHM, retaining full or partial plates with dental implants or attachments is a routine practice. Our beautifully characterized restorations blend invisibly with your remaining natural teeth and work with them to take away at least one worry from a life that’s plenty stressful already.

Ask your dentist where your lab work is going. And suggest the best: Lindberg Homburger Modent Dental Studios – LHM.


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