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Welcome to the future of dental restorations. In keeping with our tradition of bringing you the latest in cutting edge developments and the newest technologies, LHM is proud to offer our clients CAD CAM engineered and milled ZIRKONIA restorations. Prepared from factory sintered Zirconium Dioxide, Zirkonia is as incredibly strong as it is exceptionally aesthetic. With a flexural strength of over 1300 MPa, Zirkonia is over 30% stronger than any other product on the market today.

  • Milled, metal free crowns and long span bridges up to 6 units
  • Translucent Zirkonia core, biocompatible and strong
  • Preparations no more demanding than older all ceramic systems
  • Can be cemented using traditional, tried and tested techniques
Call us today to experience the METAL FREE REVOLUTION

Light weight, biocompatibility, no complaints of a harsh metallic taste ...titanium has many advantages as a material in restorative dentistry. But because it is highly technique-sensitive and requires special equipment, many laboratories shy away from recommending titanium to their clients.

At LHM, we are accustomed to handling demanding materials and situations every day. We consider titanium as an option for a wide variety of applications, including implants, conventional crown and bridge work and denture palates and frameworks and most importantly for patients with allergies.

We are one of the few Canadian Laboratories able to offer our clients the benefits of on-site laser welding. This technology is necessary for modifying or repairing titanium substructures. It can also simplify and expedite many procedures involving more conventional alloys.

Computers have changed every aspect of our lives today, and the work we produce at LHM is no exception.

We harness these powerful new technologies to enhance our communication with you:
If questions about shade, design or contour arise during the fabrication of a restoration, we can transmit and receive digital photographs of patients, wax-ups or frames to allow you to intervene at an early stage of the process and save time.

For the construction of fixed metal-free or PFM restorations, LHM has integrated computer designing technology and fabricating software along with a state of the art wax printer to create wax patterns and milled restorations. We can program this system to remember your preferences in contacts, occlusion and emergence and with the push of a button create a perfectly supported framework for your restoration.

LHM is old-fashioned, though, in treating computers as tools. We refine their product with the years of experience that have made our quality an industry standard.


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