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You have probably noticed that every lab claims “quality” as its only goal.

So how did that crown with an open contact, even on the model, get to your office last week?

Truth to tell, most labs just hope that if they say “quality” often enough, it will just happen.

It doesn’t.

At LHM, we have a Quality Control Department. Its supervisors are our president and our general manager. No case gets in to our technicians or out to our clients without passing stringent inspections by the quality control team. Their word is final.

Your lab may be afraid to tell you about that pull on the lingual of that impression. Rather than ask you to retake, they’ll “do their best” to fake it.

We won’t.

We ask you to recognize us as your partners in dentistry, not yes-men who are desperate for your business. We both know that we can’t give your patients the restorations they deserve unless we both demand the best of each other.

Your lab may think since that crown with a short margin and contact point is due in your office in an hour, it’s better to get it there than to call you and change the appointment.

We don’t have to.

We schedule a full day in our Quality Control Department as part of the production process. Yes, this means that we can’t offer turnaround times quite as quick as some other labs, but it also means that you will only have one insertion appointment and happier patients.

We are proud of many things you will see here, but we are proudest of this: less than two percent of the work LHM sends out comes back.


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